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Periods do not pause. Not even for the Pandemic,

Periods do not pause. Not even for the Pandemic,

Managing menstruation used to be tricky at school, but it’s quite harder while at home. Many young girls in the desperation of managing their menstruation are making sacrifice of their bodies and a chance to go back to school when it’s safe to go again. Managing a pandemic along with menstruation is another skill young girl has to master along with all their other responsibilities.

“In August 2019 I missed 4 days of school because. But when I reported an organization donated reusable pads to the school, I also got a pack that I was experiencing my monthly cycle lasted 7 months, I went back to having non and asking my friends at school, one that I am home, I have no pads and have no friends, and an elderly man who is also a friend to my uncle who I stay with was willing to help, but he got me pregnant instead”. says a 15-year-old, 4 months pregnant girl in Kaato Village Kayunga District in Uganda.

This is now a common story for adolescent girls across Uganda as sanitary pads are expensive and inaccessible and everyone is too busy and occupied with surviving the Covid-19 pandemic effects to help bridge the gap. In addition, menstruation is considered a taboo topic to freely discuss with anyone, it’s not even an emergency, causing embarrassment and exclusion from society, family life and social activities for girls when they are menstruating.

As a result, girls often choose to take the most available secretive aid when they have their periods which usually leads to a bad decision. Says Director Milly Nasolo Kikomeko.

To address the issue, MHAF supplies girls with re-usable sanitary pads so they can confidently manage their periods and don’t feel like they have to take help from any available male individual offering help that ruins their future and this time the distribution happened in Kaato.

If there is a young girl that you can help to be healthy, comfortable, protected and happy while in their menstruation, please do. Yes. PLEASE HELP. They need us.
Thank you so much, To everyone that is making this possible.
Their smiles, excitement to do life agian, and hope again for the future is exactly why we go in the first place.
Glory be to God.

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