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At the beginning of this school year, we started Maisha Kindergarten & Nursery School to educate orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in Kagadi, Kibaale District, Western Uganda.  This is the first project being undertaken by MHA Foundation and is in two phases;

Phase 1: Establishment of Maisha Community School for the vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children of Bunyoro sub-region. The school will have both kindergarten/nursery and primary (up to Primary four for the first year)

Phase 2: Construction of a Children’s Home and Health Centre at Maisha Community School

Even with the advent of Universal Primary Education, a big number of children still cannot access formal education due to a number of reasons like long distances, lack of scholastic materials, among others. Bunyoro sub region had a spill over of internally displaced people from Northern Uganda that were affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and is currently facing post-war effects and challenges. Education is one of the most-crucial needs of the children in this region and it should be met through such interventions from social development organizations. This is where MHA Foundation comes in.

The goal of this project is to establish a community school to give orphaned, vulnerable, abandoned children and those from poor families access to education which will give them a strong foundation for a good future.  Because many of these children have never been in school and others dropped out, the project has started from scratch.

The main objectives of this project are to;

  • Establish a Community based school starting with a Kindergarten/Nursery
  • Obtain a Nursery & Primary School Curriculum from Ministry of Education & Sports
  • Provide Teaching Materials for the Teachers
  • Provide free Scholastic Materials for the children

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