Hope farms is a partnership between hope farms and Maisha Holistic Africa foundation. Hope farms is a project that was started by a US coupe Nathan and Lindsey Veach. This couple is the vision bearer and sponsors of Hope farms and Maisha helps in the implementation. With his experience in chicken farming Nathan saw a calling to empower Ugandans struggling families through chicken farming since it is something he has expertise in.

We provide kroiler chickens to needy families build them a chicken house and also provide them support such as vaccines and chicken feeds such that the family does not fail to raise their first chickens since most of these families are very needy families. We also train them on how to look after these chickens.

We help find market the family’s eggs when the chickens start laying. This helps the family to get income to take care of their basic needs. We also encourage these families to save by introducing them to micro-finances and other forms of saving schemes near them. The savings whelp them to buy another stock of birds for their second round and at this level the family is able to incur some of the expenses since they did some savings, however still we continue to support them by providing technical support and financial support where necessary until they can be able to run the project on their own and get financial breakthrough and independence.

This project is called hope farms because it is aimed at bringing hope to struggling families. We believe by 2020 we shall have more than 20 happy families that have been transformed from lack to self-sustainability through chicken rearing; we believe that by then Hope farms will be a trade mark in providing chicken rearing training to all individuals in the Bunyoro sub region and the rest of the country. We want to be able to provide training to all people who are willing to learn chicken farming and we also hope to open a training school for this cause. We will also be able to provide the best vaccines and feeds that are well researched to feed the chicken stock.

We plan to have our own hatchery whereby we can concentrate on producing good quality chickens and the hatchery will also help us to cut costs of transporting chicks from Kampala to Kagadi as we have been doing, this will also help in saving time such that our farmers can always get their chickens quickly when they are not tired from the long journey (Kampala-Kagadi).

We further hope to engage in research that can lead to introduction of more good quality chickens that can be friendlier to the local environment and still produce many eggs. Such breeds that do not require constant vaccination.

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